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At Royal Fireworks Press, our aim is to support parents dedicated to developing in their children a lifelong love of learning, a broad understanding of the world of the intellect, and core competencies in academic areas. Our materials are infused with high intellectual demands because we think it is foolish to work to low standards. We know that the individual attention of homeschooling enables children to succeed with demanding materials that might be too difficult for them in school settings, where individual instruction can be as rare as unicorns.

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MCT Online Courses: Michael Clay Thompson is offering more online courses this autumn. Go to this page to find out more and to register your child for a unique opportunity.

Congratulations to Royal Fireworks authors for their awards from SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted): Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden, Clinician of the Year 2016; Dr. Michael M. Piechowski, Lifetime Achievement Award; and Stephanie S. Tolan, Educator of the Year 2016.  Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden’s new book, Embracing the Whole Gifted Self, is newly published. Dr. Michael M. Piechowski’s Mellow Out They Say. If Only I Could, now in its second edition, is a classic. And Stephanie Tolan’s Out of Sync: Essays in Giftedness is recently published to great acclaim.

U.K. customers looking for Off The Scale! Educating a Profoundly Gifted Child by Amanda Sarabi should go to this special page, where the book is available in pounds sterling. U.S. customers should go to this page.

For the Best in Your Classroom

At Royal Fireworks Press, we offer materials with the intellectual heft to challenge and intrigue the best students in your classroom, enabling you to educate your gifted students at the highest levels. Our texts are demanding, never dumbed down; they are wide-ranging, not narrowly focused; they are not worksheet-based or dull drill and practice but instead Socratic and creative.

There is a new blog by author, Robert Black with fascinating connections between Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland and math fiction.

Embracing the Whole Gifted Self by Dr. Patricia Gatto-Waldon is a holistic approach to understanding and supporting the gifted.

Question Mark is the first book in our new philosophy curriculum.

A Fairly Creative Guide to Telling Tales is an ingenious introduction to creative writing by Aubrey Lively.

My Twice-Exceptional Murphy is an account of a smart dog exhibiting challenging 2e characteristics.

The latest homeschool catalog can be viewed here. Once you are viewing it, you can email it to yourself or others, or you can share on social media. You can also download the pages as a pdf document from here.Homeschool Parent Catalog 2016 square

New at Royal Fireworks Press

Embracing the Whole Gifted Self  by Dr. Patricia Gatto-Waldon is a holistic approach to understanding and supporting the gifted.

A new philosophy curriculum! Read the blog of the curriculum’s author, Professor Sharon Kaye, about the importance of philosophy for children.

A Fairly Creative Guide to Telling Tales is an ingenious introduction to creative writing by Aubrey Lively.

My Twice-Exceptional Murphy is an account of a smart dog exhibiting challenging 2e characteristics.

Michael Clay Thompson Curriculum as iBooks. All grade levels are all now available in digital format. We have grouped them into sets to show what is in each level.

MCT’s latest book, The Writing of Literature, is the final book in his new Classic Literature Level.

The Word Within the Word III, revised edition, completes the revision of the Word Within the Word series.

For evidence of the efficacy of bringing the MCT vocabulary curriculum into your school, check out this Research Page, which has a list of 12 peer-reviewed academic studies that support it.

For teachers of the gifted and talented: Some significant articles from Our Gifted Children’s Magazine; a collection of novels about gifted and talented children

The latest Royal Fireworks Press Instructional Catalog can be viewed, shared, or downloaded here (85 pages).

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