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At Royal Fireworks Press our aim is to support parents dedicated to developing in their children a life-long love of learning, a broad understanding of the world of the intellect, and core competencies in academic areas. Our materials are infused with high intellectual demands because we think it is foolish to work to low standards. We know that the individual attention of homeschooling enables children to succeed with demanding materials that might be too difficult for them in school settings where individual instruction can be as rare as unicorns.

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Latest Blog: The relevance of Walden Today.

For the very best in your classroom

At Royal Fireworks Press we offer materials with the intellectual heft to challenge and intrigue the best students in your classroom, enabling you to educate your gifted students at the highest levels. Our texts are demanding, never dumbed down; they are wide ranging, not narrowly focused; they are not worksheet based or dull drill and practice, but Socratic and creative.

Latest Newsletter

Latest Blog: The relevance of Walden Today


New at Royal Fireworks Press

New for Homeschool at Royal Fireworks Press

  • Michael Clay Thompson Curriculum as iBooks: Third, Fourth, and FiftLatest Catalogh grade levels are now available in digital format as iBooks. We have grouped them into sets to show what is in each level.
  • MCT’s latest book is The Poetry of Literature, the third in the new Classic Literature Level.
  • We have a new science unit in the Problem Based Learning series: It’s Electrifying!
  • The latest Instructional Materials Catalog can be viewed or shared, or downloaded here (93 pages).
  • If you need evidence of the efficacy of bringing the MCT vocabulary curriculum into your school, check out this Research Page which has a list of 12 peer-reviewed academic studies that support it

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