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A Book for Making Math Fun for Young Children

Math is important. It is crucial for navigating the world today, and learning it is essential. It is considered a core subject for a reason, and children everywhere—in every part of the world, in every learning environment—need to know, at the very least, the basic mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, although knowing a bit about fractions and decimals certainly helps to round out the list of imperative math skills. This is serious stuff…right? It’s not supposed to be fun.

But we have built our company—and our reputation—on the idea that learning should be fun. It is not supposed to be drudgery and toil and tedium. If children do not want to enter the world of our books, then we aren’t doing something right. The MCT language arts curriculum is a stellar example of this. So are our Western and Eastern philosophy curricula, as well as our Latin books, art curriculum, problem-based learning units, and more. And now, for young children in particular, we are pleased to reissue an updated and revised edition of a math book for parents that will make learning math fun: Educational Play: Math Games and Activities for Your Child.

This book is not a mathematics curriculum. Rather, it is a compendium of suggested ways of bringing math skills into the everyday lives of children, from the kitchen (where measuring is important, including understanding fractions) to holding a yard sale (where addition, subtraction, and decimals matter) to riding in the car (where a variety of games can be played with the entire family—a refreshing change from having kids glued to their devices and in their own little worlds for the duration of any car trip, no matter how long or short). The book is chock full of ways to make math both relevant to the real world and fun. Some of the games are competitive, some are collaborative, and some are simply good educational activities that children will enjoy—even those who dislike math or who resist learning it. And while they’re playing with numbers and calculations, children will be learning valuable math skills that will help them in both their academic studies and the real world for the rest of their lives.

If you have young children, you won’t want to miss Educational Play: Math Games and Activities for Your Child and the opportunities it offers for bringing math into your children’s daily lives—and into their happy places!

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