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A New Logic Book that Kids Need Now More than Ever

In today’s world of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, being able to determine what’s true and what’s not is becoming increasingly necessary. That’s where the study of classical logic comes in.

Now, we’re proud to announce a new set of books for high schoolers and college students to help them learn logic: The Logic of Happiness, by enormously talented author and professor of philosophy Dr. Sharon Kaye.

The Logic of Happiness is a gripping mystery novel about a disillusioned college student named Everett who agrees to teach philosophy to kids at a summer enrichment academy. He uses as his curriculum a set of readings by ten of the most notable philosophers in the history of humankind, and they’re all on the subject of how to find happiness in this world.

As Everett prepares the readings to present to his young students, he also tries them out in his head, applying each one to his current life circumstance to determine whether it can work in the real-world context of a youth who feels rudderless and is looking for direction. And along the way, there’s a mystery that deepens as the story unfolds, until it reaches its shocking end.

The brilliance of this approach to logic is that readers can see it applied in a context that makes sense to them. Logic doesn’t need to be this abstract thing. In fact, it can’t be if we want to give our kids the tools to help keep them safe from new technology-enhanced crimes such as theft, extortion, and blackmail. Kids need to know how to find the truth. The Logic of Happiness is a great place to begin.

There’s a guidebook that acts as a companion to the novel, giving kids specific guidance on logic tools and terms and providing deep, thought-provoking Socratic questions to enable them to apply what they’re learning. This is a critical component to help students put their new knowledge into practice so they can use it in the real world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your kids some of the most important lessons they’ll ever learn—all in the context of a book they won’t be able to put down! Order today.

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