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A New Online Math Course Like No Other!

Fall Semester 2022 (Aug. 15-Dec. 16)For Students Ages 11-18Live Classes: Thursdays, 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time

You’ve heard the old adage: You don’t understand something until you can teach it. To take advantage of this insight, we have developed a seminar for children to try their hand at creating some of the parts of a math curriculum: Mathematical Curriculum Writing for Kids. Students in this course will be involved in planning and writing a math curriculum for children in the primary grades.

This approach gives students a new view of mathematics, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy the subject. Kids will have the opportunity to see math as essential concepts rather than as tedious operations in boring worksheets. This process will transform their perspective on curriculum creation from that of consumer to one of producer. In the process, they may just begin to find math fascinating!

Best of all, students will get an opportunity to work with a master at diverse approaches to mathematics. Robert Black has written a number of mathematically-themed books, from biographies to fictional adventures. And as a former writer for Nickelodeon, Mr. Black knows both how to entertain children and how to entice them to learn.

This course can be a life-altering experience for children who are bored or turned off by their mathematics education. More than anything else, this is an opportunity to stop doing the same old stuff and to try something new and exciting.

It is learning opportunities like this one that make the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community a trusted source for an elite education for children. Check out Mathematical Curriculum Writing for Kids, and enroll today!

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