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A New Story that Teaches Young Children Multiplication!

We’re excited to announce the next book in the Awesum Alex seriesAwesum Alex, Math Detective: The Multiplication Problem. Children who have been following Alex and her friends through the addition and subtraction books will be thrilled to encounter them again as they learn how to multiply!

The Awesum Alex series is different from other math books for young children because it teaches not just how but why math works the way it does—and all in the context of fun stories about children in a magical classroom. This understanding opens up the realm of mathematical operations and numbers in ways that few other books can match. And it turns out that what we were all taught at school isn’t necessarily the only way to perform math calculations—or even the best way. Children will be delighted (and perhaps relieved) to discover that there are lots of ways to calculate math problems, so they can use the one that works best for them or the one that makes the most sense for solving a particular problem. Even multiplication becomes simple when you know why you’re doing what you’re doing!

The Multiplication Problem introduces a new student to Alex’s group of friends. Emerson is dyslexic, and he struggles with the numbers in math problems “jumping around” on him. But the children’s teacher, Mrs. Googol-Plex, has a way to help him. Calling numbers by their place value names is a critical step in overcoming Emerson’s dyslexia in math, and it’s also key to understanding the true concepts behind mathematical reasoning.

An accompanying implementation manual offers hints and instructional strategies for parents and teachers.

Don’t miss this fun and informative book!

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