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A Novel for Children about Alexander the Great

When students learn about Alexander the Great, they usually get the same few paragraphs in a history book about what the man did and how those actions influenced what was to come. Maybe they get a picture. What they don’t get is a personal introduction to Alexander himself and an in-depth look at the significant events in his life from a first-person perspective. Well, they don’t get those things unless they happen to meet Mr. Callisthenes the way Julian did.

Julian is a ten-year-old stuck on a dull museum tour with his class when he encounters a strange man who offers to take him to the past to view history live as it’s happening. Julian agrees, and he begins a series of visits to the ancient world, where he first watches and then actually gets to meet Alexander the Great during the course of Alexander’s short but remarkable life. Each visit to the past provides Julian with a more complete understanding of the brilliant, ambitious, complex man who was Alexander the Great, forever changing Julian’s view of the significance of history to the modern world.

We are pleased to offer an updated and revised edition of the historical fiction novel that tells Julian’s—and therefore Alexander’s—story: Taking Control. This novel is packed with facts about one of the greatest leaders who ever lived in human history, but children will be so absorbed with the story that they’ll miss the fact that they’re actually getting a detailed history lesson as they read it.

Summer is a good time to read books that kids may not have time to read during the school year, and reading for fun is a great way to enhance language skills. But if you can read for fun and learn some important history in the process? Even better! Add Taking Control to your youngster’s summer reading list today!

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