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Arts and Architecture Courses for Kids

For years, reports have documented the gradual loss of art in education. While the arts are rarely a priority in school budgets, we at Royal Fireworks know how critical creativity is to children’s overall well-being, as well as what it can add to their educational experience.

Art promotes learning in every area, improves mood, anxiety symptoms, and classroom participation, and can even relieve pain.

We offer both online courses and a creative curriculum for families who want to inject a little more inspiration into their children’s lives. Whether your children are using these resources as part of a homeschool education or want to supplement traditional school with an online art class, the time dedicated to creativity is well-invested. Choose from our sophisticated and unique offerings that combine the wisdom of an expert instructor with the whimsy of a creative environment.

Children who want to develop artistic skill will be thrilled from the first day they try an online art class with instructor Cody Rounds. After being identified as gifted in the visual arts at a young age, Ms. Rounds spent her life dedicated to learning, creating, and teaching art and creativity. Children who attend Ms. Rounds’s courses will know what it means to have support in their artistic endeavors. Beyond being a skilled and experienced instructor, Ms. Rounds has a passion for creative expression that inspires children to find their own voices. Live classes are offered weekly, and recordings can be accessed for children who have scheduling conflicts.

Three-Day Art Workshops (May)
Drawing with Colored Pencils for Beginners
Drawing Dogs and Cats
Drawing Dragons and Other Fantasy Beasts
Landscapes in Oil Pastel
Create Colorful Flowers and Plants with Oil Pastels

Summer Session (June 6-July 29)
Art History
Fine Arts: Drawing, Level I
Fine Arts: Charcoal Drawing
Fine Arts: Acrylic Painting

Fall Semester (Aug. 15-Dec. 16)
Art History
Fine Arts: Drawing, Level I
Fine Arts: Drawing, Level II
Fine Arts: Acrylic Painting
Creative Problem Solving through Art

Children who are interested in the built environment have the unique opportunity to learn about the world of architecture from distinguished architect Francis Wickham. Mr. Wickham has spent a lifetime not only designing buildings around the world but also examining great buildings and considering the work of distinguished architects.

In the course, students will discover the art of architecture. Through a series of case studies, they will look at and evaluate significant environments, buildings, and cities. They will study architecture from the earliest known to that presently under construction. This course, Architecture: A Beginners Guide, is exclusively available in the Fall Semester (Aug. 15-Dec. 16).

For those interested in implementing an arts curriculum themselves, Dr. Joanne Haroutounian has written three books that will enable teachers and homeschool co-op instructors to offer arts experiences to children of all ages and ability levels.

The three texts are companion books, although each one can easily stand alone. Together, they offer the elements of theory and practice so that not only can you understand the artistic experience as explained in Artistic Ways of Knowing, you can use Think Like an Artist to help bring it to children who can then also understand it, but on a much deeper level than what is typically taught in many schools today. The third book, Arts Talent ID, offers helpful information and forms to assist in the identification of students who show the promise of talent in a given art form.

Bring more art into your child’s life today with Royal Fireworks!

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