A Beginner's Guide to the Socratic Seminar

Author: Chris, Dr. Jerry

Subjects: Gifted Education; Teacher Resources; Underachievers; Philosophy; Socratic Seminars

ISBN: 978-0-89824-454-0

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A Beginner's Guide to the Socratic Seminar Cover

Ideally, the dialogue that happens in a Socratic seminar provides an equal opportunity for all: the at-risk adolescents, the English language learners, and the gifted prodigies—all have equal voice in the seminar, which is a free-flowing interchange in which everyone's contribution has value. It is also, by active involvement toward understanding, the means to long-term memorization of what has been learned. This enthusiastic and highly practical book for teachers explains how the Socratic seminar works and how to manage one.

Chapters include explanations of the difference between dialogue and debate, the rules of the Socratic seminar, the basics of getting started, how to adapt to different-sized classes, seating arrangements, the art of asking questions, evaluation sheets, follow-up writing, and prospective topics. The book works for all grade levels of children.

The author writes: "After 37 years in the trenches, teaching the most gifted and the most reluctant learners, I promise you that the Socratic seminar works. I guarantee that it will bring you personal satisfaction and put smiles on the faces of your students. They will soon be begging for seminar time. The Socratic seminar represents the future of education."

Dr. Jerry Chris is an NBC Crystal Apple winner and was both Orange County Creative Teacher of the Year and California Teacher of the Year for gifted students.

A Beginner's Guide to the Socratic Seminar Cover

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