The Inner Curriculum

Subtitle: Activities to Develop Emotional Intelligence in General Education Classrooms

Author: Johnson, Andrew P.

Subjects: Teacher Resources; Guidance; Values; Curriculum; Emotional Needs

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The Inner Curriculum Cover

As schools focus increasingly on testing, they are paring down classroom teaching. The result is that students are not getting opportunities to develop their emotional intelligence, which they need to develop wholeness in their lives. The Inner Curriculum is a practical book designed to help teachers infuse affective content into classrooms that have become heavy with cognitive emphasis.

The book provides a wide variety of activities, together with charts and examples, so that teachers can begin implementation into the regular curriculum immediately. The activities can be incorporated into classes on writing, reading, social studies, science, and the arts. There are also time-related activities and critical thinking activities. These activities can be adapted for use in varying forms for students from kindergarten through graduate school.

The author writes: "I want to demonstrate that the inner curriculum is not an either/or proposition. Students can learn in the traditional sense of acquiring a designated body of knowledge and a set of skills, and at the same time they can begin to understand themselves and others by making personal connections to topics, skills, and other human beings. Indeed, the latter enhances the former to a great degree. That is, students learn more when there is a meaningful connection to what is to be learned."

The Inner Curriculum includes the following domains in the general education curriculum: self-awareness, managing emotions, motivating oneself, empathy, and handling relationships.

Dr. Andrew Johnson is a professor of holistic education in the Department of Educational Studies: Special Populations at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He worked for nine years in the public schools as an elementary teacher and as a gifted education coordinator before moving into higher education. He is the author of many books and articles related to education, teaching, and learning. His areas of interest include action research, thinking skills, spiritual intelligence, mental health and emotional intelligence, and academic and creative writing.

The Inner Curriculum Cover

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