Insight Out ...A Challenge to Communicate

Author: Lloyd-Zannini, Dr. Lou

Subjects: Language Arts; Teacher Resources; Communication; Gifted Education/Guidance

ISBN: 978-0-8924-67

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Insight Out ...A Challenge to Communicate Cover

This important book offers 25 lessons to give voice to gifted students—students who have been silent, perhaps because they feel misunderstood and alienated, but who have much to share with others.

For teachers of high-ability learners in grades 7-12, this book is a call to excellence in communication. Skill development opportunities abound in daily journaling, focused observation and recording, the study of supplied dialogue, the creation of original dialogue, the recording of events, the development of fictitious interpersonal interactions, the scrutiny of opinions, the planning and execution of responses to those opinions, vocabulary development and refinement exercises, and honest criticism. Emphasis is placed on clear and effective presentation. 

The book presents six major goals for students:

  • To record with increasing accuracy and precision one’s sensory, cognitive, and emotional observations and impressions
  • To express convincingly and passionately in written form one’s thoughts, opinions, feelings, and aspirations
  • To utilize writing as a means of reflecting upon one’s thoughts and feelings about self and others, especially in areas of self-concept/self-talk, perceptions and role expectations, and future aspirations/plans
  • To utilize writing as a means of reflecting upon and effecting positive changes in one’s interpersonal interactions
  • To write responsively to the thoughts, feelings, opinions, aspirations, and prejudices of others
  • To represent accurately one’s identity and purpose through writing

The book is infused with a variety of highly individualized learning models: the diagnostic prescriptive approach, the writing process model, graphic organizers, the project understanding web, the vocabulary refinement web, the reasoning model, and the Taba model of concept development.

Each lesson follows the same format, which first presents its curriculum alignment goal, then states the instructional purpose and materials needed, and then moves into describing the student activities. It also provides "lesson stretchers" and ends with a place for the instructor to write notes.

Dr. Lou Lloyd-Zannini is Program Coordinator of Educational Leadership and Administration at the University of Houston and is a past-chair of the National Association for Gifted Children Arts Network. 

Insight Out ...A Challenge to Communicate Cover

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