Normalizing Data for Identification of Gifted Students

Author: Ryan, Sharon

Subjects: Gifted Education; Identification and Testing; Professional Resources; Teacher Resources; Identification of Gifted

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Normalizing Data for Identification of Gifted Students Cover

This is a significant and practical contribution to gifted education, whether you’re evaluating an existing gifted education program, initiating a new gifted program, or simply learning about the identification process.

The book outlines problems inherent in gifted identification procedures and gives easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for implementing an alternative identification matrix. Extra materials available for download allow gifted coordinators to enter student test scores and begin using the method immediately.

Normalizing Data for Identification of Gifted Students simplifies the identification process and supports educators who are faced with the difficulty of including multiple test cycles and a variety of assessment instruments in their gifted identification procedures. It is also useful for school districts interested in disaggregating their student data, which is helpful when identifying under-served gifted populations. 

Author Sharon Ryan graduated from DePaul University with a B.S. in elementary education and an M.B.A. She also holds an M.A. from Northeastern Illinois University in gifted education. Her teaching experience ranges from the primary grades to the college level in both public and private schools. Currently the gifted coordinator in a Chicago suburban school district, she is a regular participant in the parent speaker series at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development, and she has also been a speaker at both the Illinois and national gifted conferences.

Normalizing Data for Identification of Gifted Students Cover

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