Returning the Arts to Language Arts

Subtitle: Imaginative Literacies

Author: Rossbach, Lucille (Editor)

Subjects: Gifted Education; Teacher Resources; Writing; Literacy; Visual Arts/Music/Dance/Theater

ISBN: 978-0-89824-390-1

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Returning the Arts to Language Arts Cover

In Returning the Arts to Language Arts, leading teachers of the Colorado Network of the Bread Loaf School of English each share one of their “best practices” and introduce artists with whom they have collaborated. These research-based and writing-centered practices, all applicable for mixed-ability classrooms, will help teachers who are determined to resist the pressures of teaching to standardized tests while they face devastating budget cuts to programs for gifted children and the creative arts.

Topics covered by the eight contributors include literacy and the community, artists in residence, e-mentoring (or the virtual visiting poet), and learning to see and learning to write.


“This group of essays demonstrates, in striking detail, both the challenges and the rewards awaiting those who recognize young people’s deep need for artistic engagement.” Andrea Lunsford, Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of English Emerita, Claude and Louise Rosenberg Jr. Fellow at Stanford University

“The writers...record the teaching practices that have revolutionized their pedagogy and their art.... It is evidence of their commitment to learning through teaching. It is testimony to their belief that writing—the writing of their pedagogical experiments—is fundamental to social and educational excellence and change.” – Emily C. Bartels, Associate Director, Bread Loaf School of English, Rutgers University Professor of English

Returning the Arts to Language Arts Cover

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