TACKLE Thursdays: Thinking Across the Curriculum

Subtitle: Kicking Up Leveled Education

Author: Moyano, Shannon; Plaisance, Heather

Subjects: Science; Language Arts; Gifted Education; Teacher Resources; Curriculum

ISBN: 978-0-89824-678-0

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TACKLE Thursdays: Thinking Across the Curriculum Cover

This rich resource for teachers of children in grades 3-8 was designed to encourage student enthusiasm for challenging work. It was developed out of the necessity to serve gifted learners in the regular classroom. It contains tiered instruction, independent study, student choice, and a variety of activities for all students. It also incorporates in-depth studies to take students to new heights of learning.

For elementary and middle schools preparing their students to excel in the 21st century, the fourteen units cover mathematics, science, social studies, and English language arts content, technology, hands-on group work, individualized projects, and more. The authors concentrate on differentiation of instruction using rubrics so that each child is clear on what is expected of him or her, and they include frequent fun assessments to keep interest high.

The authors write: "Together we designed this curriculum using various resources in our classroom and aligned it with the state objectives to ensure mastery of state requirements while extending students' knowledge beyond basic skills. The themes we have selected are of high interest to the students due to real-life applications. They have really enjoyed T.A.C.K.L.E., and engagement has grown. They like being able to make choices, present to their peers and community, and feel a sense of accomplishment for the work they have done. We truly believe that T.A.C.K.L.E. is creating a lifelong love of learning."

The book includes reproducible worksheets, rubrics, and assessments.

Sample pages, PDFs: pages 5-6  / page 8 /  pages 94-97

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TACKLE Thursdays: Thinking Across the Curriculum Cover

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