The Home Front War Years in Britain, 1939–1945

Author: Briggs, Susan

Subjects: History; Social History; Exclusive iBook; World War II

Latest edition: 2016

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The Home Front War Years in Britain, 1939–1945 Cover

The Home Front War Years in Britain, 1939–1945 is a collection of the author’s hundreds of ephemera from World War II. The posters, advertisements, photographs, cartoons, menus, and paintings illustrate the British civilians’ spirit for humor and grit in the face of the threat and then the reality of war. It is a thoroughly researched social history, with detailed eyewitness accounts of air raids, evacuees, food rationing, restrictions on travel, entertainment, and clothing.

Wartime moods and popular culture are captured in songs as themes for the chapters, and this digital version of the 1975 original book contains links to recordings, from In the Mood to When the Lights Go On Again. Also featured are governmental edicts and propaganda on how to save and recycle, how to make meals out of little, how to keep information, how to prevent spreading germs, and how to be prepared for invasion.

The resilience and preparedness of the "Home Front" were seen as serious contributors to winning the war. It began in 1939 and continued to when the G.I.s arrived with “a touch of American glamour, even a shade of Hollywood,” and finally to the victory celebrations that were also tinged with sadness for the many lives lost. This book is a fascinating entry into the homes, lives, and humor of the British people during a time when they faced an unprecedented threat.

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Susan Briggs studied politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford University. She is the author of two social history books about Britain: The Home Front War Years in Britain, 1939–1945 and Those Radio Times, a history of the BBC until the outbreak of World War II. Lady Briggs is also the co-author with her husband Asa, Lord Briggs of Lewes, of Cap and Bell, a history of the first twenty years of Punch Magazine.

The Home Front War Years in Britain, 1939–1945 Cover

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