The Mud Trilogy iBook Implementation Manual

Author: Thompson, Michael Clay

Subjects: Language Arts; Reading; MCT Curriculum

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The Mud Trilogy iBook Implementation Manual Cover

The Mud Trilogy iBook Implementation Manual covers the three novels that Michael Clay Thompson wrote for young children about Mud the Fish and his friends: The Rescue at Fragment Crag, The Red Tide, and The Green-Face Virus. It is designed to aid the instructor in helping students become more critical, creative, understanding, and aware as readers.

The three novels are intended to be read in a particular order, with questions flowing from one classic work to the next and then to all three. Students are encouraged to make comparisons across all three novels and to regard the reading experience of each in relation to the others. This provides for a far richer reading experience and aids students in developing a broad range of insights into their reading.

The implementation manual includes a short essay by Michael about the novel, a list of strategies and activities for children to do, vocabulary words to study in advance of the reading, quotations for quote quizzes, and discussion questions.

The Mud Trilogy iBook Implementation Manual Cover

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