A Thinking Approach to Interdisciplinary Experience

Author: Irvine, Hope

Subjects: Professional Resources; Interdisciplinary Programs

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A Thinking Approach to Interdisciplinary Experience Cover

For those teachers who are planning interdisciplinary units of instruction, this book is an excellent resource. It provides background about interdisciplinary units, examples, and a hands-on sample, and it discusses programs that do not work. Save the time of trial and error and the risk of failure involved in reinventing the wheel!

The book:

  • Examines personal knowledge of ordinary things and introduces the complexity of how we learn. From this introspective analysis, 10 categories of knowledge emerge and are presented as operational definitions.
  • Explores relationships between verbal and visual language as surrogates for experience, as well as the process of learning and communicating what has been learned
  • Explains the method of interactive diagramming, with step-by-step examples to determine scope and sequence of interdisciplinary experiences
  • Guides the development of a unit on time, followed by 25 examples of interdisciplinary approaches
  • Cites difficulties in developing interdisciplinary programs in schools, with suggestions for solving the problems
A Thinking Approach to Interdisciplinary Experience Cover

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