Uses and Abuses of Intelligence

Subtitle: Studies Advancing Spearman and Raven's Quest for Non-Arbitrary Metrics

Author: Raven, John (Editor); Raven, Jean (Editor)

Subjects: Professional Resources; Teacher Resources; Gifted Education/Research; Psychology

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Uses and Abuses of Intelligence Cover

Edited by Jean and John Raven, this book is a compilation of 26 papers that raise fundamental issues in psychometrics. In particular, it looks at the use of arbitrary metrics and arbitrary measures in the assessment of human abilities.

Some of the papers focus on the assessment of “meaning-making ability” across cultures and through time, and they explore how that ability is a valid construct that can be measured scientifically. From this perspective, it is possible to identify fundamental problems in current approaches to the measurement of change in human abilities. Most conclusions that are drawn from intervention outcome studies comparing treatment effects in the “more” versus “less” able educational enrichment programs are flawed.

There are other papers that show how most evaluations of people and programs are unscientific, most often because they pay too little attention to the comprehensiveness of assessments. Papers concerned with these issues develop an alternative framework that captures variance that is typically lost and summarizes research showing how a diversity of talents can be nurtured, recognized, and utilized in developmental environments in homes, schools, and workplaces.

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Uses and Abuses of Intelligence Cover

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