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4 Things You Need to Know about Royal Fireworks Online Learning

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The RFOLC: Bringing homeschool education to the next level

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community has grown exponentially in the past few years. We’ve added courses, instructors, and flexibility so that more families can enjoy this increasingly-important option in online schooling. Here are four things you need to know about Royal Fireworks online learning.

1: Our courses are taught by experts.

Everyone knows the story of the exhausted schoolteacher who’s been bounced from teaching American history one year to English literature the next. Although educating children in a variety of subjects is nothing short of admirable, it can be difficult to achieve any level of mastery in a topic while being stretched so thin. Our instructors have spent their careers working in the fields they teach and are able to draw from that deep well of experience when bright, curious students begin asking endless and complicated questions. For children with seemingly-insatiable appetites for knowledge, the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is a much-needed solution.

2: We have course options available nowhere else.

From math-based origami to space biology, course options in the RFOLC are as interesting as they sound. We know that kids get the best education when they’re excited to learn. Our instructors are passionate about what they teach and develop their courses with the goal of inspiring that same passion in their students.

3: Gifted children have a chance to learn with their peers. 

Gifted education is struggling across the country. From budget cuts to arguing administrators, gifted programs are shrinking or being done away with altogether. Gifted kids thrive when they have the opportunity to interact and learn with their intellectual and academic peers. Because of our focus on gifted students, the RFOLC sees high enrollment of gifted students in all subjects every semester. This is one of the benefits that parents most often point when reviewing our courses. 

4. We are flexible.

We want each child to be in the right course with the right instructor. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get a feel for a course. If the child needs to move to a different course to drop a course, we understand. We will work with you to find the right fit or issue a refund. Live classes are recorded, and the recordings are available to watch any time. It is therefore rarely a problem if a child misses a class. In fact, many of our international students use the recorded sessions exclusively, along with email communications with the instructors. However, be aware that some courses require collaboration or group discussion, so they are not optimal for students who will miss all or most of the live sessions.

Children deserve an education that benefits them.

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is a valuable resource for children all over the world. We strive to make it the best because your children—and all children—deserve no less than that.

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