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Use nonfiction American history books to bring lessons to life.

American history books are not all created equal. From textbooks to adventure stories, how we present history to kids determines how well they learn it—and how much of it they’ll remember once the unit is over. In addition, the way in which we present history to students can have a major impact on their engagement and understanding.

One particularly exciting period of American history is the frontier era. This was a time filled with adventure, exploration, and bravery as people set out to explore new lands and to discover what truly lay in the great unknown. When we incorporate nonfiction American history books into the curriculum, lessons about the American frontier can be both educational and entertaining, especially for elementary and middle grade students. Using, not lists of dates and facts, but true stories about real people, educators and homeschooling parents can help make American history come alive for kids.

Teaching American History through the Lens of Another Time

Bringing nonfiction American history books into the classroom or homeschool can offer unparalleled insight into our nation’s past. By reading about events and experiences through the eyes of those who lived during different eras while they struggled to achieve their dreams and goals, students can obtain a deeper, more authentic understanding of America’s history. Using nonfiction American history books that present biographical stories rather than lectures makes learning more stimulating and memorable. It’s an invaluable teaching aid that can improve students’ educational journeys and furnish them with a more rewarding learning experience.

A Series that Makes the Grade

One series of American history books that stands out for its engaging and informative approach to teaching history is the Adventures on the American Frontier Series from Royal Fireworks Press. Designed for both classrooms and homeschool settings, this series includes a broad range of titles that cover different aspects and important figures of America’s history, from earliest European arrival and exploration to the establishment of the nation’s borders as we know them today. It includes explorers, pioneers, fur traders, cowboys, entertainers, and so much more. It’s an excellent resource for teachers and parents looking to teach the American frontier in a memorable way. By reading about the adventures of real people from the past, students can gain a more complete understanding of the challenges and triumphs of life on the American frontier. Use these books to supplement a traditional history curriculum or as the basis for a full unit on the frontier! Either way, they’re sure to engage and inspire young learners.

Reading Comprehension and Dyslexia

The Adventures on the American Frontier books can also help students improve their overall reading comprehension. This series was specifically designed to support students as they read. With clear, concise language and attention-grabbing visuals, these books make it easy for students to understand and retain the information they read.

What’s more, these books also come in dyslexia-friendly versions. This special series was created to be accessible to students who struggle with dyslexia or other reading challenges. The dyslexia-friendly books all contain a special dyslexia-friendly font, wider margins, and QR codes that link to audio of each spread of two pages being read aloud. And both the regular biographical novels and the dyslexia-friendly versions contain illustrations that help to break up the text.

Explore More Resources from Royal Fireworks Press

Royal Fireworks Press offers a range of other books and curricula for classroom educators and homeschooling families. Whether you’re looking to teach language arts, philosophy, Latin, or mathematics, we have resources available to help make learning come alive for your students. And for those looking for more novels, we offer a range of fiction and nonfiction books that are interesting and age-appropriate for readers of all ages.

With a commitment to engaging, accessible materials, Royal Fireworks Press is a valuable resource for anyone looking to bring education to life in the classroom or homeschool.

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