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We know that choosing an online school can be overwhelming.

And with so many online schooling options out there, we’re glad you found us.

Let us tell you why we're special.

Royal Fireworks was founded in 1977 to fill a gap in education. Bright children often don’t fall in love with learning because they’re underestimated and unchallenged. Our goal is to provide children with the highest level of education by giving them creative challenges, carefully crafted materials, and passionate instruction. Our online learning community is an extension of that original promise. We offer things that no other online school does. Keep reading to learn more!

These aren't your ordinary teachers.

Who can teach art, literature, philosophy, or science better than artists, writers, academics, and scientists? We offer the best online school experience because we focus on what matters most: a love of learning. Nothing makes education come alive like passionate experts who can share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students. This caliber of instruction is what you might expect from a prestigious university, but younger students appreciate and deserve a top-of-the-line education as well. With Royal Fireworks online learning, that’s what they’ll have. 

Students can’t get lessons like these in any other online school.

New courses are offered every semester in a range of subjects, from math-based origami to space biology, architecture, fashion design, philosophy, and so much more. These are the types of educational experiences that are generally only offered at prestigious universities, but we know that enthusiasm is important at every level. No matter how fundamental or unusual a course description may sound, you can be sure it’s designed to draw students in and get them hooked on learning. 

Kids can take classes anytime, from anywhere.

Online school is inherently flexible due to its remote nature, but having a quiet place with a wifi connection at the same time every week isn’t always possible for everyone. Life doesn’t tend to let us pause, rewind, or replay, but lessons in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community always will. Every live online class is made available in recordings for students who might be unavailable for class time. 

It's what we're known for.

For more than forty years, we’ve been developing the MCT language arts curriculum, and there’s a reason it’s considered the gold standard in language arts education. With seven complete levels containing every aspect of language arts imaginable, schools and families alike have marveled at the advanced writing skills and vocabulary that MCT students possess. With the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, a small number of students are given the exclusive opportunity to learn language arts with Michael Clay Thompson himself. These live online classes are extremely limited, but an audit option is available as an alternative. If you’re interested in the live MCT experience, we highly recommend that you enroll as early as possible to secure your child’s spot.

Enrollment is open!

Register today for upcoming courses and workshops! Questions? We’re here to help! Email [email protected], or call (845) 726-4444 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Our knowledgeable employees are dedicated to helping you select the courses that are right for your child.

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