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Four Reasons to Use Mindfulness Books with Kids

1. Resilience

Kids who have mindfulness skills know how to bounce back from tough situations.

calm using mindfulness books for kids

Our mindfulness books for kids teach fundamental coping techniques. These fun picture books cover the basics of mindfulness, inviting you to read them with your child over and over again. Kids aren’t born with coping skills. Most children learn by copying the behavior of the people around them. When we teach coping with intention, the results are predictable and positive.

2. Attention

Studies show that a mindfulness practice can improve focus in just about anyone.

Focused after using mindfulness books for kids

Even kids with ADHD show increased attention from using mindfulness techniques. Focus, like coping, can be practiced. When kids pay attention to their breathing and their senses, sitting still becomes an enjoyable activity. But getting children excited about this exercise can be a challenge. That’s where our mindfulness books for kids come in. The stories invite participation from kids in a fun (and sometimes silly) way. Kids who practice mindfulness are skilled at giving their attention to all sorts of things, from their breathing to the math lesson for the day.

3. Empathy

When you give children the tools to develop self-awareness, something beautiful happens: self-awareness and empathy for others.

Kids have empathy when theyre mindful

Developing empathy can help children build strong relationships and make positive choices. The benefits of using mindfulness books for kids in a classroom or at home extend out into the world. Raising mindful kids leads to resilient, focused, and empathetic adults.

4. Overall Wellbeing

Mindfulness teaches children how to be okay, even when the world isn’t cooperating with what they want.

Mindfulness books for kids improve overall wellbeing

At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. But relying on the outside world to make us happy is a losing strategy. Mindfulness teaches us how to be okay, even when things aren’t going our way. Our mindfulness books for kids were created to empower children to regulate their own responses. After all, the only thing anyone truly has control over in this world is how we respond to it. Learning how to manage those responses is a skill that will benefit kids for the rest of their lives.

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