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Category: What Others Are Saying

15 July 2022

MCT Wins Multiple Homeschooling Awards!

The MCT language arts curriculum is an award-winning curriculum no matter which way you choose to use it: in traditional in-person lessons at home or school or in live online classes taught by Michael himself. Thanks to everyone who voted to award Michael these prestigious honors once again!

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Fun science projects for kids
23 February 2019

A Review of “Amazing Ants: Simple Sidewalk Science”

“Not only does ‘Amazing Ants’ teach ant study, but it also teaches inquiry-based science in a way that both parents and science educators can easily implement. Far too many science texts and classes shy away from true inquiry-based learning, but this book doesn’t do that. And it is written to go directly into the hands of students.”

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7 November 2018

Why Take an MCT Language Arts Course from the Royal Fireworks Press Online Learning Community?

Because there is no better way of learning language arts than from the master himself. Students receive more than just the information in the textbooks; they receive Michael’s professional instruction and personalized feedback.

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6 January 2017

A Letter to Michael Clay Thompson from Grateful Parents

“I have no doubt that every child would benefit from what you have to offer. For our particular child, though, this connection to the world of ideas…I do not mean to overstate it, but this has been a lifeline for her.” – parents of a child taking one of Michael’s courses in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community

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