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Bryan Roessel

Bryan Roessel has been working as a full-time high school science teacher for the past 15 years, with experience teaching physics, earth and space sciences, chemistry, astronomy, materials science, ecology, and environmental science. Bryan holds a B.S. in physics and adolescent education, an M.S. in geoscience, and an M.A. in science education, chemistry. One of the primary reasons that Bryan loves teaching science is that it doesn’t rely on authority; we know that patterns in nature exist because nature says they exist, not because a teacher or a book or a website says so. For Bryan, a good science education is about curating experiences and data sets in such a way that students can discover patterns in nature for themselves. It also requires good questioning in order to get students to express and test their mental models of physical systems. And when approached through the lens of inquiry and discovery, science is just plain fun!

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