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History Courses to Show Where We’ve Been…and Where We Can Go from Here

In the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community, we offer a wide variety of history courses because we understand the importance of historical knowledge for a well-rounded education.

First and foremost, a solid education is grounded in the Western intellectual tradition, and it is important to know the chronology and the history of that tradition to understand how the parts fit together. Full comprehension depends upon understanding the context.

Secondly, our history courses are not only about knowing the past but also about knowing how to know. The question of How do we know? is never far from consideration, and the process of gathering and evaluating information is a crucial part of a child’s education.

No less important are the perspectives that kids can gain from historical knowledge. Among our upcoming courses, the course on battles is illuminating in light of the fighting in Ukraine, and the course on the Holocaust is timely, given the Russian justification for the invasion of Ukraine. The course on when politics became bitter provides an interesting perspective on our present political divisions, and the course on the Civil War looks at the key origin of many aspects of our current situation. Notably, however, at a time when many people are pessimistic about our immediate future, we offer a few courses that provide sources of optimism in their celebration of American ingenuity and strength of character: American Inventions that Changed the World and Influential Americans in History.

Beyond all of these specifics, there are also courses that cover the standard history material that all children are expected to know, both in American history and in world history, as well as some interesting courses in ancient Greek history and in the history of Spain and Latin America.

Don’t miss the chance to give children an opportunity to understand fully where we have been so that they can chart the future of where we will go. Check out all of the courses we have available, and enroll today!

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