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Introducing Our New Pre-Calculus Course with Instructor Adrian Grishby!

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is excited to announce our newest course offering: Pre-Calculus. Led by experienced new instructor Adrian Grishby, this course is designed for students ages 14-18 who are ready to dive into the intriguing world of advanced mathematical concepts.

To get a taste of Adrian Grishby’s teaching style, we invite you to check out his insightful math instruction videos on his YouTube channel.

In Pre-Calculus, students will explore a comprehensive curriculum over two semesters. They will learn to extend the domain of trigonometric functions using the unit circle and develop a deep understanding of radian measure, graphing trigonometric functions, and deriving and applying the Pythagorean identity.

Building on this foundation, students will further their study of the unit circle and trigonometric functions. They will discover inverse trigonometric functions and their applications in solving real-world problems. Throughout the course, they will also explore trigonometric graphs and their key characteristics. By the end of the second semester, the students will have a solid grasp of the relationships between radians, degrees, and coordinate points, both algebraically and using technology.

Instructor: Adrian Grishby
Term: Fall 2023-Spring 2024 (Full Year)
Ages: 14-18
Live classes: Thursdays, 5:00-6:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Cost: $525 per semester/$1,000 for the full year
Prerequisite: A solid understanding of algebra and geometry

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