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It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for Fall Semester Courses!

Fall semester in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is already underway, but some of our courses have later starting dates, so there’s still time to enroll! (Note that the live classes for all of the courses are recorded, so even if a course has begun, it’s not too late to join. Inquire today for more information about late signups!)

These select courses begin AFTER Labor Day, so your child won’t miss a thing!

Upcoming courses:

LogicWe’re thrilled to announce the return of beloved instructor Rachel Lott! Her Classical Logic course was a favorite last year. Students ages 11-18 need no prior experience to learn the foundations of classical logic, including categorical syllogisms and basic propositional logic. It’s a subject that will help kids do well in a variety of other areas.

Computer ProgrammingWe have a TON of options for the young coders in the family! From elementary school through high school, all levels of our computer courses begin next week. In today’s world, coding is an invaluable (and very marketable!) skill to have.

Reducing Stress through MindfulnessSocial-emotional learning is fast becoming one of the most important areas of study for people of all ages. Students can begin this important introduction to mindfulness-based coping skills as early as age nine with this online course. Benefits of mindfulness include increased focus, heightened self-awareness, and an improvement in overall well-being.

Check out our other courses for enrollment options for your child. From core subjects to supplemental learning to fun areas of personal interest, we have something for just about everyone!

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