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Last chance to enroll in Michael Clay Thompson’s exclusive online courses before they start! 📚🚨

Are your child’s language arts lessons not going the way you hoped? There’s still time to join the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community’s spring semester to get on the right track!

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity for your child to learn from renowned curriculum author Michael Clay Thompson in live online classes! Although the MCT courses began in the fall semester, every session is recorded for students to watch, so there’s always an opportunity to catch up or review. Some sections are already filling up, and this is your last chance to secure a spot in these popular courses before they begin.

But wait! This year Michael is teaching more than just language arts! He’s also offering a World Cultural Geography course AND hosting a Chess Club. Michael is a master instructor no matter the subject, and while language arts are his primary passion, if you’ve ever read any of the MCT texts, you know that they’re filled with interdisciplinary material. The World Cultural Geography course is simply an extension of Michael’s understanding of how all things connect to all other things. And the Chess Club offers students a fun way to exercise their brains, building both mental skills and friendships along the way!

Countless awards. Challenging materials. Passionate instruction. Unparalleled results. There is no learning experience that compares to MCT. Students, parents, and teachers alike rave about the level of education and enjoyment that MCT conveys.

“I feel so blessed to have been introduced to the MCT curriculum when my oldest was in third grade, and we have used it for both children every year since! I recommend it to others all the time, and this year both of my children are part of Michael’s online classes. My son looks forward to class every Wednesday afternoon.” – Laura R.

Enroll your child today in engaging live online classes with the master himself. Secure your child’s spot before it’s too late! Have questions or need assistance in selecting a course? Call us at (845) 726-4444. We’re here to help!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for an enriched education!
The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community Team 🚀✨

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