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Latin Courses Begin This January!

Latin is more useful than you might think! Many people know that Latin is the root of the Romance languages (such as Spanish, French, and Italian), but they don’t realize that it’s also the basis for much of academic English. Latin can help children unlock understanding in many academic disciplines, giving them a boost in almost any subject they choose to study, from medical terms in biology to complex vocabulary in a classic novel. In addition, one of the most surprising benefits of learning Latin is the great boost it gives in language arts facility to children with dyslexia. And courses in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community make learning Latin simple and intuitive using our beloved Latin series Fabulae Caeciliae.

In these courses, students will gain a basic understanding of Latin through reading simple narratives contained in the books. They will be guided through the process by the series author herself, Dr. Frances R. Spielhagen.

This instruction will enable students to build a scaffold for further study in Latin, with the support of a knowledgeable expert to guide them along the way. There are three levels to choose from, so children who have a basic familiarity with Latin can learn something new, or they can start with a completely blank slate.

Courses are open for enrollment now, so reserve your spot while they last!

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