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Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Revenant”—but for kids

By all accounts, the movie The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was a box office hit, grossing $533 million worldwide and winning an impressive number of awards. It has been described as “gripping,” “intense,” and “gorgeous,” but also “mature,” “tense,” and “violent” (it’s rated R), which makes it a great movie for adults but not so much for children. But now we’re offering a version of that story appropriate for middle school-age kids in our newest American history series: Following the Frontier West.

Following the Frontier West is the latest installment in our Adventures on the American Frontier collection of novels and dyslexia-friendly book series for children featuring an impressive array of the people who explored and settled the United States of America, most of whom are never included in traditional history textbooks. The newest set of books contains eight stories, one of which is about Jim Bridger, who was left with Hugh Glass (Leo’s character in The Revenant), a famous mountain man mauled by a bear and unable to continue traveling with his fur trapping company. Hugh’s wounds were so horrific that it was unthinkable that he should survive, and Jim Bridger and the man he was left with to guard Hugh until he died finally gave up and went on without him. The Royal Fireworks version of this tale tells the story from Jim’s point of view: poor Jim was haunted by the decision, and when the impossible happened—Hugh Glass survived and came back to find him—Jim nearly invited the revenge he believed was his due.

There are seven other stories in the series, and they range from harrowing to heart-warming to informative, with characters who are brave, or generous, or stubborn in a good way, or stubborn in a bad way, or kind, or combinations of all of these and everything in between. They give children a great yet easy way to understand the complex people who helped to shape America.

The book comes in two forms: an eight-chapter novel or an eight-part series of books with special features for children who struggle with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. The dyslexia-friendly books include a special font, wide margins, and an audio feature so that kids can listen as the book is narrated. Here is a sample:


Both formats include illustrations, and both are welcome additions to our Adventures on the American Frontier collection. See our website for our other offerings under this wide-ranging and important series of books. And there are still more to come!

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