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Ms. Math is back for winter workshops!

If you don’t know who Dr. Rachel “Ms. Math” McAnallen is, you’re in for a treat! Whether math is your child’s favorite subject or it’s less than looked forward to, kids are sure to fall in love with Dr. McAnallen’s fun, creative, and brilliant way of helping kids think like mathematicians.

In our winter math workshops, kids will put their creativity to work while learning math concepts. Choose one or both sessions of a two-part math-based origami workshop or the brand new “Artistic Mathematics” workshop. At our workshop prices, you may just want to choose them all! Each of the sessions will leave students with a deeper understanding of mathematics and some beautiful math-based creations of their own.

Ms. Math is a popular instructor, so sign up today while there’s still time!

And Ms. Math isn’t the only one teaching a fun math workshop. In fact, Allen Gross‘s math workshop is even called “Math—Just for the Fun of It!” For students ages 10 and up, this workshop includes mathematical puzzles, games, and brain teasers to keep youngsters engaged in a positive atmosphere of fun and creative learning. Mr. Gross’s workshop, which runs Dec. 27-29, is also only $90, so register your child today!

Winter break is a great time to give kids something fun and constructive to do, so make sure to check out our other winter workshops while you’re on our website. Both Ms. Math and Mr. Gross also have several spring semester courses now enrolling, so be sure to check them all out!

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