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NEW: The third novel in the Dreamcatcher Trilogy is here!

The Original Position is part philosophy novel, part murder mystery, and completely captivating reading for older teens.

When Gloria’s brother Stanley goes missing and another student from his university is found murdered, Gloria and the members of the Dreamcatcher Committee, which has been tasked with identifying the next great philosopher, find themselves following a trail of clues in the search for answers—including trying to find the dreamcatcher itself, which has gone missing. Along the way, they explore an array of philosophical theories for establishing a just, peaceful society. But the person who has the most profound theory is not who they think, and the answer provides them with the whereabouts of both the dreamcatcher and Stanley in a fascinating twist that none of them could have foreseen.

The publication of The Original Position also marks the completion of Dr. Sharon Kaye’s K-12 Western philosophy curriculum. This extensive curriculum includes twelve other books that are fantastic reads in their own right, but when they’re combined with the instructor manuals (for teachers and parents of younger kids) or guidebooks (for instructors of teens and for the students themselves), they provide an invaluable Western philosophy education that will inform and enrich students throughout their school years—and well into adulthood, too.

The guidebooks contain background information on the philosophers and the movements they sparked and/or worked within. But they also contain extensive questions designed to give readers deep philosophical topics to ponder and debate. There are no right answers, just a great deal to think about. It’s this kind of open-ended learning that is the most impactful and long-lasting.

The Original Position novel and guidebook are only $20 each, but they also come discounted as a package with the other novels and guidebooks in The Dreamcatcher Trilogy. In addition, they’re part of our Western philosophy Complete High School Package, which also includes the highest installment in the series.

For even more philosophy for your children and teens, be sure to explore all of our curricula, novels, picture books, graphic novels, and online courses in both our Western and Eastern philosophy programs!

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