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New Middle School Chemistry Course!

This spring, the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is offering yet another engaging science course for middle schoolers: Middle School Chemistry!

Dr. Dave Purvis will be teaching this course, which begins with an examination of atoms, molecules, elements, and chemical bonds and extends through the periodic table and the characteristics of metals and nonmetals. This knowledge provides the setting for learning about chemical and physical changes, as well as chemical reactions and equations.

Students will investigate the way substances react and how energy is important in the dynamics of matter and its states. Along the way, they will be exposed to the scientific method, scientific measurement techniques using the metric system, and inquiry-based science. The live classes will include interesting demonstrations.

WHAT: Middle School Chemistry

WHO: Students ages 11-14

WHEN: Spring Semester 2023, January 9-May 12, Mondays, 3:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern Time

COST: $500

Instructor Dave Purvis is also the author of the popular Dr. Dave’s Science Teaching Manuals, which have helped teachers make learning science easy and fun for students in middle school and high school. He’s a wonderful resource for teaching students!

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