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New Physics Course for Middle Schoolers!

Dr. Dave Purvis (author of the popular Dr. Dave’s Science Teaching Manuals) is back for the spring semester in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community! A handful of lucky middle schoolers will have the opportunity to learn in live online lessons with Dr. Dave to gain a deeper understanding of the principles that govern the physical world.

In the course Middle School Physics, students will learn about the laws of motion as they relate to speed, velocity, acceleration, and motion in everyday activities, and they will conduct experiments that address the topic of mechanical energy and promote a solid understanding of the differences between potential and kinetic energies.

The course will cover the relationship between magnetism and electricity and how these forces are applied in our technological society, thermal energy, the differences between light waves and sound waves, and the nature of electromagnetic radiation.

There will be many hands-on activities for students to complete throughout the semester. The live classes will include interesting demonstrations, short instructional videos, and the occasional review game. Along the way, the students will be exposed to the scientific method, the metric system, STEM projects, and inquiry-based science.

Dr. Dave is an experienced teacher who knows how to bring kids into the lessons and get them excited to learn more. His Science Teaching Manuals have been a favorite of teachers for a generation. Enrollment has just opened for his course, so reserve your child’s spot today!

WHAT: Middle School Physics

WHO: Students ages 11-14

WHEN: Live Classes: January 9-May 12, Thursdays, 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

COST: $500

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