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Not Your Standard Online Science Courses

As you plan your homeschooling path for the upcoming school year, we want you to remember that you have options. The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community has expert instructors who are here to help. And when it comes to a curious child in a science class, having an expert on hand to answer questions makes all the difference.

We have a diverse and fascinating line-up of courses for both the summer session and the fall semester. Science covers a whole host of topics and subject areas, and we’re pleased to offer courses in a range of them. For example, we know that biology can be interesting, but biology in the context of biomedicine and genetics to engineer human traits? Now that’s something to think about! And just about everyone loves space, but what happens to living organisms in space? What would happen to them if they stayed in space for a long time? With courses like these, there’s sure to be something to pique the interest of any inquisitive child!

For our summer session, we are offering two courses from Dr. Caralina Eviskova and Dr. Alexei Eviskov: “Adventures with Embryos: Introduction to Developmental Biology” and “Biomedicine and Designer Babies.”

And in our fall semester, we have even more options to choose from: “Introduction to Genetics,” “Understanding the Brain,” “Space Biology,” and “Introduction to Physical Science: The Nature of Physical Matter.”

We are also beginning to add courses to our Spring 2023 offerings, so sign up now, and check back often to see what’s new!

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