Advanced Origami

Mathematical or modular origami is folding many pieces of paper in the same manner and then putting them together to make a polygon or polyhedron. The folds can be simple or complex, and putting the pieces together can be a maddening puzzle. If students have perseverance and stay in the struggle, they will leave each session with a beautiful model to display.

This mathematical origami course is for more advanced modular folders. Students will make Hull, Fuse, Gurkewitz, and Kawamura models.

Live Classes: Wednesdays, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Student Support: The instructor is available via email.

Materials: Students will need at least 300 sheets of origami paper, preferably colored on one side and white on the other. They will also need a tool to crease the folds, such as a ruler, popsicle stick, etc. Fingernails are not acceptable!

Prerequisites: Students should have folded a Sonobe cube, Japanese brocade, and several open frame models.

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