Fifth Grade: Ancient Civilizations and World History


This course emphasizes the civilizations of the ancient world and the legacies of their history. Students will examine various complex societies and the writing, technology, and architecture they gifted to us. They will investigate the early civilizations of the Aztec, Inca, and Maya, and they will explore other Bronze Age societies such as Egypt, Babylon, and China.

The students will then continue on to the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. They will develop an understanding of the mythologies, fables, and epic tales about those civilizations. They will learn about the creation of democracies and other forms of government, the diffusion Greek language and culture to the East and West, and the impact that Hellenistic art and architecture had on the Indo-Eurasian peoples.

Finally, the students will be introduced to the Roman Republic and the ideas of civic duty, the separation of powers, and checks and balances. They will move through the Roman Empire and investigate the theories of foreign states, politics, and empires, culminating in the fall of the Roman Empire.

Live Classes: Thursdays, 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Student Support: The instructor is available via email and for special individual Zoom sessions with students as needed.

Feedback/Assessment: Students will be assessed on their class participation and written work.

Materials: All reading materials will be available on the internet. Please have a working printer for special assignments.


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