Fourth Grade: American Regional History and the U.S. Constitution


This course focuses on the regional history of the United States. Students will examine maps of the U.S. and investigate the geography of surrounding neighbors. They will discuss the regions of the country by looking at a handful of individual state histories. By studying the people, places, and events that created the states, they will explore the concept of a unified nation. The goal is for the students to have a general understanding of the American system of government and how the many different states fit within the Union.

Students will be introduced to how the country was formed, how slavery expanded westward, and how people worked to fight for change. Finally, they will learn about the Civil War and the impact that industrialization had on immigration and technology. At the end of the course, the students will develop questions about a national community.

Live Classes: Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Student Support: The instructor is available via email and for special individual Zoom sessions with students as needed.

Feedback/Assessment: Students will be assessed on their class participation and written work.

Materials: All reading materials will be available on the internet.


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