Introduction to Buddhism (Ages 12-18)

  • Instructor Ingrid Klass
  • Code EPH42
  • Student Ages 12-18
  • Term Fall Semester 2023


The Buddha was a thinker who lived during the fifth century B.C.E. in India. His original insights into the nature of suffering, reality, and human liberation form the basis of the Buddhist tradition, now a major world religion.

This course offers students an in-depth exploration of the Buddha’s foundational philosophy, how his ideas were developed and debated by different schools of thought, and the historical evolution and spread of Buddhism into its diversity of expressions, including a close look at Zen and Tibetan traditions.

Note: This course is offered at two levels. The ages listed are only a guide, however; we are happy to discuss the correct level for individual students.

Live Classes: Fridays, 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time, from the week of August 14th to the week of December 11th

Student Expectations: The live classes for this course will be a mix of discussion and lecture. Assignments will include reading and reflecting on primary and secondary source material, contributing in the online discussion forum, short written reflections (one page), and a final paper (3-5 pages) and class presentation.

Student Support: The instructor is available via email.

Feedback/Assessment: The instructor will provide feedback and comments on all student work.

Materials/Supplies: All materials will be provided by the instructor.


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