Ships and the Sea Workshop (June 14-16)

“He who controls the sea controls everything.” – Themistocles, c. 483 B.C.E.

Water covers two-thirds of the Earth. So much depends on the sea that, for thousands of years, sailing ships shaped history. How did explorers, whalers, merchants, and rulers harness the power of the wind and navigate across a featureless sea? Monster waves, hurricanes, and icebergs—it’s all here. Students in this workshop will hear some ripping yarns about danger and discovery! The instructor spent two years before the mast herself and will never forget the elemental pleasures and ultimate freedom of life at sea.

This workshop will cover the evolution of sailing ships, navigation and maritime tradition, and ships that made history.

Live Classes: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, June 14, 15, and 16, 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Materials: The instructor will suggest some fun activities such as knot tying and scrimshaw using basic household materials.

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