Who Are You? Identity, Reality, and Time (Ages 9-12)

  • Instructor Ingrid Klass
  • Code EPH37
  • Student Ages 9-12
  • Term Fall Semester 2023


If you could travel back in time five years, ten years, or even before you were born, would you recognize yourself in the past? Are you the same person you used to be? What is the nature of time and change? Who are you?

Students in this course will explore fundamental questions of identity, reality, and time. Using the  graphic novel Who Are You Times Two: An Interactive Adventure through Eastern Philosophy, students will learn about the different answers offered by an array of philosophers from classical and medieval China, India, and the Middle East and the lively debates among them. Weekly class discussions will include evaluating and comparing philosophical views, learning how philosophers test and build strong arguments, and each student’s developing ideas about these big questions that get to the heart of who we really are.

Note: This course is offered at two levels. The ages listed are only a guide, however; we are happy to discuss the correct level for individual students.

Live Classes: Thursdays, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time, from the week of August 14th to the week of December 11th

Student Expectations: This course is discussion-based with some lecture worked in every week. Assignments include reading and reflecting to prepare for the live classes, contributing in the online discussion forum, short informal writing assignments, and a final class presentation.

Student Support: The instructor is available via email.

Feedback/Assessment: The instructor will provide feedback and comments on all student work.

Materials/Supplies: Students will need to purchase the graphic novel Who Are You Times Two: An Interactive Adventure through Eastern Philosophy.


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