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Important Information

Royal Fireworks offers an online learning community for academic excellence. We strive to provide the best education for children no matter where they live. Courses are taught by experts, high-level specialists, and experienced teachers. Our online learning courses give you the basics and beyond—way beyond.

These courses can supplement your homeschooling, challenge a gifted child who needs extra stimulation, or help a twice-exceptional student who needs one-to-one assistance and encouragement. Be sure to check out our individualized instruction and our advanced individual learning options, located at the end of the list of courses for each semester.

We also invite you to visit our virtual open house, where many of our instructors explain the courses they teach and the methods they employ. This format allows us to provide the traditional open house experience for parents who want to learn more about what goes on in our online learning community. Click here to go to our YouTube page, where you’ll find an introduction to the open house and individual instructor videos.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the live classes for each course run for approximately an hour.

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