New Dyslexia-Friendly Series of American History Books

Posted on: 06/26/2020 Back to all blog posts

At Royal Fireworks Press, we are continually adding to our offerings of books for children who struggle with reading disorders such as dyslexia. Our goal is to welcome into the world of books children who resist reading because it has always been difficult for them. We have published several series of books about American history under the Adventures on the American Frontier collection, and our newest series has just been released. Pioneer Traders follows the first fur trappers and traders as they adventured into the unexplored wilderness of the vast American continent. Often these men set up trading posts that soon became the heart of a new settlement and ultimately a thriving city. Their influence on the expansion and settlement of the country is more profound than many people are aware, and this series of six books explores some of their stories.

Like the other series of books in the Adventures on the American Frontier collection, each book is specially designed for children who struggle to read. We use a large, dyslexia-friendly font, and there are wide margins and plenty of space between the lines. In addition, the books are both illustrated and narrated so that children—even those without reading difficulties but who just like listening to someone tell them a story—can follow along. QR codes on each spread of pages link to audio of the book being read.

Listen to a sample from Part Six of the series: Abe Lincoln, Trader:

There are dozens of other books and series to choose from, as well as several stand-alone texts for young children. Visit the special page on our website dedicated to dyslexia-friendly books to view our full range of current offerings.

All of the Adventures on the American Frontiers books are also available as standard novels. Pioneer Traders, the novel, will be available soon.

We believe that every child deserves to read a good story, and our dyslexia-friendly books offer a way to do just that.

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