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What Others Are Saying

Posted on: 03/30/2013

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“Gifted youth are our future”

Posted on: 03/25/2013

Royal Fireworks Press is proud to be associated with the Institute for Educational Advancement. Elizabeth Jones, President and Founder of the Institute writes…

At the Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA), we believe that gifted children are more than their amazing intellect. We believe that each child should be given the opportunity to experience hundreds of “aha” moments that spark continued growth in all aspects of self. We believe in exploration for knowledge and discovery for personal growth.

We believe that these wonderful complex little beings should not have to fight for understanding, but rather live and learn in an environment of compassion that embraces the human spirit and leads to an intrinsic desire to strive for personal excellence, continued growth and joy.

It is critical that we all model and live into aspects of character which promote healthy problem solving and discovery: integrity, passion, creativity, and perseverance.

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Reasoning with concepts opens the mind

Posted on: 03/04/2013

Dr Shelagh Gallagher shares her insights on conceptual learning

Goodbye, Bugs

Ogden Nash

Some insects feed on rosebuds

And others feed on carrion

Between them they devour the earth.

Bugs are totalitarian.

Using only seventeen words Ogden Nash’s poem is funny, insightful, and even a bit chilling. How does he achieve so much with so little? The poem works because, as every gardener knows, bugs really do consume everything in sight, and because, as every historian knows, totalitarian governments consume not only political power but entire societies.

Said differently, Nash’s poem works because he makes clever use of concepts.

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