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Professor James J Gallagher: Advocacy for Gifted Education a national priority.

Posted on: 10/30/2013

ADVOCACY: A Mandate for Education of Gifted Students
(and protection for us all)
by James J. Gallagher

As we seek support for educating gifted students, we must accept the fact that our advocacy efforts have been largely unproductive. At the federal level, the Javits legislation has largely been a bone tossed to quiet us, and state efforts have not been much better. We need a persistent and convincing effort to change our environment. The wise defense lawyer Clarence Darrow was once asked how he was able to get acquittals for so many of his clients. He said that his job was first to get the jury to want to acquit and second, provide evidence for them to do so. Our job is to get the decision makers to want to help gifted students and then provide them with a path to do that.

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