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Newsletter, 24th September, 2014

Posted on: 09/30/2014

New Magic Lens III Shadows, a New Literature Trilogy Special Introductory Offer Don’t just take our word for it New from Michael Clay Thompson New Magic Lens III We have published a new edition of The Magic Lens III, and now the revision of The Magic Lens grammar series is complete. The series encapsulates Michael […]

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Learning to Read

Posted on: 09/24/2014

Learning to read: why is it difficult for some otherwise gifted children?

By Optometrist, Kenneth A. Lane, O.D.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see your bright and happy child struggle with reading. Most adults do not remember their early reading experiences. Reading for them is an automatic process. However for many children it is a nightmare. Between 2% and 20% of schoolchildren have some type of reading problem. Why is it that so many children have difficulty learning to read?

First, we have to realize that reading is the most difficult neurology process we will have to learn. It is much more difficult than speaking and we are given years to learn to speak, but only months to begin to read. Just because a child is six years old chronologically doesn’t mean that he or she has the visual, motor and perceptual skills that are developed to a 6-year old’s level.

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