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Doing four-level grammar analysis is like practicing your piano

Posted on: 10/09/2017

Why do students have to keep doing four-level analyses in every level of the MCT curriculum, in the grammar and practice and writing books, once they know how to do it? If a student has already done level one or two, is it not better to skip the practice book or the four-levels in the writing book? This is a good question. Why should a student have to keep doing it? Am I not opposed to students having to prove and prove and prove that they know something? Yes, I am opposed to that, but this is different. Four-level analysis is different…Four-level analysis is in part a logic of sentence construction. With each example you see more clearly how and why to make a verb agree with its subject, how to structure a good introductory participial phrase, how to punctuate a complex sentence, how to edit out junky modifiers, how to do the ten thousand things that writers want to do.

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