Royal Fireworks Press Blog: June 2019

New Set of Dyslexia-Friendly Books Now Available: Mail Riders

Posted on: 06/27/2019

Royal Fireworks Press is excited to announce the release of the Mail Riders Dyslexia Series, the fourth set of dyslexia-friendly books in our collection of books about the history of America: Adventures on the American Frontier. Mail Riders joins Cowboys and Cattle Drives, Pioneer Show People, and Pirates and Privateers—sets of books that are all […]

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A New Book to Help Young Children Understand Themselves

Posted on: 06/07/2019

Royal Fireworks Press is proud to announce the publication of our newest book to help young children gain perspective, self-awareness, and self-control: The Secret Code of Senses. The Secret Code of Senses teaches children methods of intentional sensing—the act of deliberately concentrating on a sense in order to redirect the mind away from distractions or […]

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