Dr. Dave Science Series Revamped for 2018

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Dr. Dave Science Series Revamped for 2018

Dr. Dave Science - new editions

Dr. Dave Science Teaching Manuals:
New Editions

We are excited to announce  new editions of the popular Dr. Dave Science Teaching Manuals, a series of seven books for instructors of elementary- and middle school-age children on a variety of science topics: Our Solar SystemOceansThe Digestive System, Electricity, Phases of Matter, Chemistry, and The Cell.

The revision to these seven books has been thorough and comprehensive. We have included new graphics and updates to the explanations, demonstrations, and experiments. The updated text reflects new scientific understandings in the material covered in the series. We have made the demonstrations easier for children to understand and the experiments easier for them to implement. We have also redesigned the books to make them more beautiful. For instructors, we have revamped the downloadable material to include all the printed worksheets that you need to provide to the students, along with new projection materials for visual learners.

The Dr. Dave Science Teaching Manuals are excellent resources to excite children in the study of science.

For those who purchased the original Dr. Dave books since January 2016, the upgraded editions are available at half price through July 31, 2018. Please contact our office at 845-726-4444 or rfwp.customerservice@gmail.com for more information.

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