A Jump-Start to Entrepreneurship

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A New Leadership Course This Fall

Is your child the next Mark Zuckerberg? It’s not just paper routes and babysitting anymore! Check out our new leadership course “A Jump-Start to Entrepreneurship.” In this course young innovators learn about all phases of entrepreneurship—valuable knowledge, even if they never launch their own business venture.

The benefits of entrepreneurship education for youth are many. Highly transferable skills such as organization, time management, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and leadership will give students abilities to achieve their goals, make them more desirable to employers, and help to make them better informed consumers.

Instructors Jeremy and Brandie Turner will offer an intense, experiential program in which they teach young innovators about all phases of entrepreneurship—from identifying problems worth solving, to creating scalable solutions, to taking products and services to market. They will introduce students to the tools and resources used by entrepreneurs worldwide. All of this will help to develop the entrepreneurial skill set so that these young innovators will have the experience of doing what successful entrepreneurs do every day.

The first class is August 14th. Register today to ensure a seat.

See our complete course list at rfolc.com/courses

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