A Look Back at 2019

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As we look back on the year as it comes to an end, we at Royal Fireworks Press are pleased by the many accomplishments we were able to achieve in 2019. We published a number of important books, both for children and adults, and we offered an array of online courses that were intellectually stimulating and educationally engaging to the children who participated in them.

We produced a number of exceptional books for young children, including Michael Clay Thompson’s delightful introduction to grammar, Poodle Knows What? One of the special features of this book is that children can hear Michael himself read the pages.

Social and emotional needs were foremost in four publications that promoted mindfulness and self-awareness: Ingrid Klass’s The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, Saskia Claasens-Hopstaken’s The Intenso Family Goes to a New School, and two books by Jordan Novak and Cody Rounds: Breath Magic and The Secret Code of Senses.

We also produced a number of books in a dyslexia-friendly font to help children with visual processing issues get over the hump in learning to read. Issues with reading arising from dyslexia and other visual processing maladies led us to produce several series in a special format and font. Most of these series are history-related and include Cowboys and Cattle Drives, Pirates and Privateers, Men on Iron Horses, and Pioneer Show People. In each case, the text has been chosen and formatted to help severely dyslexic children develop their reading abilities; special QR codes enable the children to hear each spread of two pages read to them. Another set of books, Night of the Paranormal Patterns, integrates a middle school math problem in each story. It is set up like the history series, with special formatting and QR codes linked to audio of the books being narrated, and it also includes a set of flash cards of challenging words. Also in dyslexia font for children who need to be challenged in math is another book in the series by Bonnie and Robert K. Risby: Logic-Math Exercises for Elementary-Age Children.

Other math books of which we are proud are two volumes (in standard font) in the mathematical lives series by Robert Black: Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Diagrams and David Blackwell and the Deadliest Duel. An additional history book, in the form of a historical novel, is Paul Sullivan’s gripping tale of the Irish Famine: A Thousand Tears.

Also new this year are sets of flashcards for Caesar’s English I and Caesar’s English II by Michael Clay Thompson.

For adults, we published Jennifer Ault’s important The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children, as well as From Stress to Success: A Handbook for Parents and Teachers of Gifted Children by Carol Strip Whitney. Thirty years after we first published it, we edited and updated the late Annemarie Roeper’s influential Educating Children for Life.

Our Online Learning Community has made a difference in the lives of many children. Our expanding set of offerings gives children opportunities to explore subjects in ways that are not generally pursued or are not even offered before the university level. And we are gratified to see that children in our classes are making friends online with other students from the classes and that their lives are being enriched by interaction with peers all over the world.

We thank you for being a part of the Royal Fireworks community. We wish you all the best throughout the holidays and in the year ahead!

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